TV & Radio Campaigns

New for the 2018 season, this spot shows a mom’s excitement in getting her family off the porch and out to the ballgame. The middle and outro portion of the spot will be customized for your team. Listen to the corresponding radio spot here.


This spot highlights a person’s experience at a game through the use of a smartphone. Customization includes team logo on the opening shot of the phone, adding photos, 3-D logo animation and an outro slide. Listen to the corresponding radio spot here.

This high-energy testimonial spot reminds people of their need to take vacation – a nine inning vacation. Customization includes background coloration, adding images/video clips and 3-D logo animation. Nine-Inning-Story

THIS-SEASON-BUTTONThis spot reminds fans about some of the great things they can experience at your stadium during the season. Customization includes adding background images from your photo library, changing the on-screen text, 3-D logo animation and a professional voice over. Listen to the corresponding radio spot here.New-This-Season-PageWE-GO-BUTTONWhy do people go your games? Through a series of fan testimonials, this spot is designed to encourage others to come experience the fun. Customization includes changing the actors shirt color to match your team, adding background images and 3-D logo animation. Listen to the corresponding radio spot here.NEW-WE-GO-PAGE LIFE-IS-BET-BUTTONWhat is life like without baseball? In a very simple yet compelling way, this spot compares a families life at home with the excitement of being at a game. Customization includes changing the actors stadium props to match your team colors, 3-D logo animation and a professional voice over. Listen to the corresponding radio spot here.MOVIE-TRAILER-BUTTONLooking to draw more attention to your commercials this season? Take advantage of this high-energy spot to promote your best homestands and events of the 2016 season. Customization includes changing the baseball players hat color, quotations, 3-D logo animation and a professional voice offer. Listen to the corresponding radio spot here.  MOVIE-TRAILER-PAGE